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Ford Mustang and 5 decade long story (part 2)

A cool motorcycle should come along with a bilt helmet; a romantic gentleman should own a Ford Mustang. 5 Decades to develop an auto brand with cool and wild outlook is not easy, in addition to, keeping it grows until now is much harder, but Ford Mustang has done and up to now, this is one of the most famous auto brands in the world.

In the first part of this topic, we have introduced you 5 kinds of Ford Mustang and in this second, we are going to show you the rest.

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Ford Mustang and 5 decade long story (part 1)

It would be an omission if we talk about America’s sports car without mentioning Mustang. Many have believed that this model cannot exist until today to celebrate its 50-day appearance. Unlike the other muscle cars also had long periods of absence as the Camaro, Challenger and then was revived in recent years, Mustang has appeared […]

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Which version of the Ford Ranger 4×4 pickup should you choose

Pickup segment has a lot of diversified options in terms of brand, design and style. It is hard to choose among the firms, but when the firm is selected you have to be lost in the maze of versions. Especially Ford Ranger with sales accounting for more than 50% in the mid-size pickup segment with the launch of more than 10 versions sometimes making the user very difficult to distinguish. The main names of the Ford Ranger 4×4 versions include XL, XLT and Wildtrak. In which only Wildtrak has 3.2 motor, all other versions use 2.2 engines, but the maximum capacity for versions is different from each other. You just remember simply XL is the lowest version with manual transmission, 4 wheel drive. XLT is the senior 4 wheel drive manual transmission version. Wildtrak is the Full Option Premium.

Here we would like to summarize some of the details about the versions and purposes or needs when choosing to buy each version.

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The Epic XC in a 325,000 miles Toyota Tacoma

If people want to begin the trip through the country, everyone should choose a suit truck. This article will share with you the experience as well as the operation of Toyota Tacoma. Perhaps, after reading, you also want to own the same vehicle. Unlike the normal vehicle, Toyota Tacoma is owned many outstanding features that […]

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5000 Frozen Miles in a Jeep

     Unlike at King of the Hammers , 5000 frozen miles in a jeep is a completely different trip. In the middle of winter season, my stock Jeep and I performed a 5,000-mile trip coming the Arctic Ocean. Below are our trip lasting 2 long weeks:      We went through where has temperature of below minus 50 degrees centigrade. […]

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Hump-N-Bump Jeeper’s Style

     I know perhaps some of you will think Hump-N-Bump is something too old like a disco song in 1970s, if you have not know clearly the off road trail event at the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers in November every year. Actually, you can also know it at King of the Hammers . Although […]